Our studio’s discography includes the following artists:

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Sevenum Six
Good mastering here ,friendly service and a good guy makes my tracks pounding through this analog mastering!
Claudio is a very talented artist who developed a solid knowledge in the analog audio domain. His care for the smallest details is outstanding. Mixing both artistic and technical abilities, in conjunction with his open-minded attitude and long time experience he can deliver the perfect mastering for any style of music. Last but not least he is able to build analog gear, so you can expect to work with someone who really knows how this stuff works, for real. Really recomended.
Mastering is very hot and very dynamic, its reminds me of the 90’s years! nice work.
absolutely brilliant mastering,for sure the best so far in all my records! strong dynamic,crystal clear frequencies,the proof that the loudness war is the wrong way in mastering audio!
Sparks Alifer
Acidolido Collision
Samoth 7th Sense
Sam C. Zerotek
Contergan Ch1P
Vikkei Silent Bus
Analog Frequency
My experience has been positive, you see the result obtained after a growth phase.
A great sound, that’s why people speak well of Discrete Audio Solutions in Italy and in the rest of europe!
Great mastering service; Claudio has different approaches to get always the best results. Very professional and trustworthy mastering studio.
Barouf Konik Polny
Kreat Brosda
Mr. Gasmask Bassdriver Ohmkiller
Kstis Ohmkiller Teknoseeker
Penn Ak Kdell
Paskà Nameless Wosh Namless
Alextrem Jacidorex
Stroman Adam Vandal
TMH Tranzit Bukaj FDM
Tribal Engineers Lele Brutal Toys
Killy Midilink
Whiteman Shmirlap
TLB Dane
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