masteringfor Vinyl, CD or other digital production of electronic and acoustic music !

The mastering as one of the last stage of the production chain, it should ensure a high quality standard. My mastering has the quality requirements to be pressed or burned, in addition to the standard mastering, i offer you on demand a optimization of the sound with the settings you wish.
Beside the “Stereo-File” mastering i also offer Stem-Mastering, here the mix should be devided in groups or single tracks that i can edit individually.
My studio offers a variety of hardware to meet the needs of clients and is continuously optimized. The studio is built in one golden ratio room and has a proper acoustic treatment. Not convinced? Check my References page!

Preparing for the master

Before you send a track to mastering, do the following:

  1. Please do not use (multi or single band) compression and/or limiting on your master, because otherwise not enough space for working is available.
  2. Leave at least 6db headroom in the master, better if 6db.
  3. Send stereo interleaved or dual mono in WAV or AIFF format.
  4. We recommend to use the highest available bit depth (24bit or 32bit float).
  5. Export your track/s at the native sample rate and bit depth of recording/mixins session.
  6. You get no advantage by up or down-sampling. This we can do at the mastering stage.
  7. No channel, buss or plug-in should clip.
  8. If you have a particular adjustment you wish to keep please send me a screenshot of your plugin, your adjustment or give me some advice about how it should sound.
at the mastering stage we can:
  1. Push up the overall volume.
  2. Improve balance between frequencies.
  3. Adjust stereo image. (different if for vinyl or digital)
  4. Eliminate ground noises and hum.
  5. Enhance bass frequencies response by tightening it up.
  6. Restore natular clarity, brilliance and presence.
  7. Improve detail, coherence and accuracy.
  8. Make your tracks sound good on any sound system.
Ready to press

When the mastering is done i’ll send you one or more preview of the mastered track/s. To complete the order follow this steps:
1. Listen the preview, 2. Confirm the preview, 3. Make payment, 4. Receive full file.

1 Track (up to 12 min.) 35€
2 Tracks (up to 12 min.) 70€
3 Tracks (up to 12 min.) 105€
4 Tracks (up to 12 min.) 140€
Stem Mastering
1 Tracks (up to 6 min.) 60€
2 Tracks (up to 6 min.) 120€
3 Tracks (up to 6 min.) 180€
4 Tracks (up to 6 min.) 240€

Price incl. taxes !
for longer or more tracks contact me, i can make you an individual offer.
Payment method are Paypal (+2€ each track) or Bank Transfer!

We also offer Vinyl Pressing, for prices and tech details go to:
Vinyl Pressing page.

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