Audio Restoration

Audio restoration is a generalized term for the process of removing imperfections (such as hiss, impulse noise, crackle, wow and flutter, background noise, and mains hum) from sound recordings.
Modern audio restoration techniques are usually performed by digitizing an audio source from analog media, such as lacquer recordings, optical sources and magnetic tape.
Once in the digital realm, recordings can be restored and cleaned up using dedicated, standalone digital processing units such as declickers, decracklers, dehissers and dialogue noise suppressors, or using digital audio workstations (DAWs).

DAWs can perform various automated techniques to remove anomalies using algorithms to accomplish broadband denoising, declicking and decrackling, as well as removing buzzes and hums.
Often audio engineers and sound editors use DAWs to manually remove “pops and ticks” from recordings, and the latest spectrographic ‘retouching’ techniques allow for the suppression or removal of discrete unwanted sounds.

DAWs are capable of removing the smallest of anomalies, often without leaving artifacts and other evidence of their removal.
Although fully automated solutions exist, audio restoration is sometimes a time consuming process that requires skilled audio engineers with specific experience in music and film recording techniques.

If you have one or more recordings, where the sound quality does not meet your needs, you are here at the right place.

I clean noisy recordings like old audio / video cassettes and erase click and crackle from vinyl records.
I free outdoor recordings from unwanted noise like wind or animals. That is my standard offering.

Prices on Request. Payment method are Paypal or Bank Transfer!

Vinyl, Tapes and every kind of recordings.

remove click and pops from vinyl records.

will recover the loss of peak signals due to clipping from overloaded (distorted) recording.

erase all the uniform noises in background like on old tape or from ground.

Spectral Cleaning
eliminates noises from a recordings (background voices, clapping, object falling down etc.)

reduce, on a voice, peak on sibilant consonant like “S” or “SH”

Removing all type of unwanted artefact like noises and distortions!

MP3 refreshing

In addition i also “refresh” compressed audio files, for example MP3 and convert them in to wave/aiff.

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